Why Do I Love AWS?

September 25th, 2020

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To everyone who has never heard of Amazon Web Services, it is one of the on-demand cloud computing companies, which offers more than 2400 services to give us the full length experience in the cloud. To everyone who doesn't have any idea what cloud is, please read my previous blog on cloud computing. Before I talk about why I love AWS, I want to tell you why I am eligible to talk about AWS. I am currently preparing for the AWS cloud practitioner exam, and I am hosting my website statically on AWS (using S3, Route 53 and CloudFront Services). I wanted to learn cloud computing for a very long time, but I really didn’t get the right time to jump into it and all thanks to Covid and quarantine life, I was finally able to kick start my free-tier account and start experimenting. This is my short story on AWS but why do I really love it so much that I tell my CS friend to learn AWS?

Reason One: Freedom, this applies to every but most importantly this applies to everyone who is in the free-tier account. I was able to provision some virtual machines, I was able to set up a virtual network, I was able to manage a database and most importantly I was able to host my website in less than 45 mins. You get to use many of their free services and try different experiences.

Reason Two: Pay as you model, sometimes we might just use an extra server for a few hours and sometimes we might not even need that extra VM that we are using. It is always very easy to upgrade or downgrade in AWS; because of its advanced machine learning technology, the entire process becomes faster.

Reason Three: Elastic Load Balancer, if you are having three servers running, this service tries to balance all the servers, not by sending over load to one server, but by dividing it properly and sending the load to all three servers.

Reason Four: 24 Regions, 77 Availability Zones, so many Edge Locations and uncountable Data Center. AWS is one of the on-demand cloud companies that is offered in so many regions.

Reason Five: Cross Region Replication, this is one of my favorite services by AWS because I don’t need to worry about losing all my data if a disaster happens in one location. If something happens to my US East - 1 region and if I turned on my Cross Region Replication, all my data is stored in the Sydney Region.

Reason Six: Security, Security, and Security. Who doesn't want their information to be secured? AWS is one of the most secure cloud platforms. We can set our custom firewalls as well as what ports we want our traffic from and how many people can access. When we can kill a few of our services, everything is secured and we can divide people into policies. We can do a lot more with security and make your management console very very secure.

Reason Seven: Cloud Watch, we can keep track of all our budgets and we can set alarms to remind us of our spendings.

These are my top seven reasons why I love AWS so much, but there are a lot more features and a lot more services that we should try. I will be back again soon with more reasons why I love AWS. Create your free-tier account and keep experimenting with so many services that AWS offers for free.